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Kernel 2.6 packages for Debian 3.0 Alpha 1

Sorry for the cross-post. This is the only mail advertising these
packages I'll send to these lists. 

There's a low traffic (approx. 1 Mail/week) announcement mailing list
that informs you about new releases of these packages (including
security fixes in the packages). To subscribe send a mail with
"subscribe debian-packages" in the body to majordomo@fs.tum.de .

I've prepared some packages for people who want to run kernel 2.6 on 
Debian 3.0.

After the Alpha and Beta stages these packages will come into a stable 
stage with only fixes for grave problems and security issues applied.

As known from my other potato and woody packages, I'll support these
packages as long as Debian supports Debian 3.0.

Please report any problems with these packages installed and running 
kernel 2.6.


   I have prepared some packages that help to use kernel 2.6 in 
   Debian 3.0r2. Please read the FAQ before sending any questions or
   comments to me.

   I try my best to avoid problems with both installing these packages on
   Debian 3.0r2 and upgrading with these packages installed to
   Debian 3.1.


     * These are packages taken from unstable recompiled on woody. You
       can't expect that they are as stable as the packages in woody and
       although I try to provide high quality packages there's absolutely
       no warranty.
     * Although these packages should help to use kernel 2.6 on
       Debian 3.0, complete support for all kernel 2.6 features is not
     * Kernel 2.2 is no longer supported with these packages.
     * This package collection is currently in Alpha stage. There might
       be many bugs in the packages and there might be significant
       changes until the first release.


     * These packages are a subset of the bunk-2 packages.

What are Alpha/Beta/Release?

     * During the Alpha phase many changes are possible.
     * After Beta 1 only smaller changes happen.
     * After Release 1 only security fixes and fixes for selected grave
       bugs will occur.
My system is a woody with your backports plus the X, Y and Z backports. 
This causes the following problem.

   I don't support combinations with any other sources of backported
   packages. There are hundreds of sources for backported packages of
   various quality and it would be impossible to get all combinations
Is mixing these pacakges with the bunk-1 packages supported?

Which architectures are supported?

   Only i386 is supported.
How can I contact you?

     * For bugs in the packages send a mail to bunk-bugs@fs.tum.de.
     * For suggestions (e.g. new packages) send a mail to
       bunk-wishes@fs.tum.de. Note that I'll check this address only when
       looking for suggestions for new packages and that I do not always
       answer to mails sent to this address.
     * For other mails regarding these packages send a mail to
Could you add xyz to these packages?

   Send a mail to bunk-wishes@fs.tum.de (read the commont in the answer
   to the question above).


          + Initial release.

More information:


BTW: Please Cc me on replies.
     I'm not subscribed to debian-user and debian-user-german.


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