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Re: Bug#238143: ITP: wzdftpd -- A portable, modular, efficient and not user-friendly ftp server

Scripsit Pierre Chifflier <chifflier@cpe.fr>

> I changed the description to be the following:

>  wzdftpd is designed to be run as a user, and to be entirely
>  configurable using SITE commands. It works on linux/bsd/win32,

The only thing that is relevant in a Debian package description
is that it works on Debian, which rather goes without saying.

>  Features are: flexible user management, acls, virtual users/groups,
>  security, speed, bandwith limitation, per command authorization,
>  virtual directories, dynamic ip changes auto-detection, etc.

I'm afraid this still doesn't tell me why I'd want to use this ftp
server instead of one of the (many) other ftp servers already
available in Debian.

And is "security" really a feature? It ought to be implied.

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