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Re: Policy for web applications (see Bug#238598)

> What is the official policy for files location of web applications?
> Should I use global apache modification or could I use local .htaccess file?
> I'd like to switch to .htaccess as far as it can be modified without 
> server restart.

Not really relevant to your question, but since it seems to assume that
everyone out there is running apache, I'd like to speak up and note that
it is not the case. Please do not ever assume the user is running
apache. At least provide a way that lets the user say "do not try to
detect my configuration, I'll do that by hand". I've met a few packages
which wanted to frob my apache config, which just doesn't exist. It was
highly annoying.

But answering your question, I'd suggest .htaccess files - they're more
portable between httpds than global apache config frobbing :]

Gergely Nagy

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