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Bug#237980: ITP: zoidberg -- modular Perl shell

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : zoidberg
  Version         : 0.42
  Upstream Author : Jaap Karssenberg <pardus@cpan.org>, Raoul Zwart rlzwart@cpan.org
* URL             : http://zoidberg.student.utwente.nl/about.plp
* License         : Perl (== GPL/Artistic)
  Description     : modular Perl shell
 Zoidberg provides a modular Perl shell written, configured, and
 operated entirely in Perl. It aspires to be a fully operational 
 login shell with all the features one normally expects. But it also
 gives direct access to Perl objects and data structures from the
 command line, and allows you to run Perl code within the scope of
 your commandline.

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