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Re: converting dynfw to deb encountering dh_move error

On Thu, Mar 11, 2004 at 06:14:07PM -0700, Lucas Albers wrote:
> I recently started my first attempts to create some deb files.
> Converting the dynfw gentoo package to deb format.

Please read thed New Maintainers' Guide and the Developers' Reference
(and probably more) on http://www.debian.org/devel/ . You seem to lack
understanding of the build process for packages.

> (If you think I should post this question in another list, tell me.)

Also such questions should be send to debian-mentor.

> I created the makefile successfully, and it gives the following set of
> errors.
> control file error.

You use Depends: in the first paragraph of the control file, which
should set the parameters for the source package, not the binary.
Depends: is not allowed there, only Build-Depends.

> dh_move error.

Building debian packages does not involve changing anything outside the
buildtree. Instead the contents for each package are put into
subdirectories under debian/ before creating the final debs (usually
debian/<packagename> or debian/tmp). Hint: dh_movefiles has a manpage.

Another advantage is you don't need root to build a .deb Uusually).

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