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New NMU of fvwm to experimental


        The development branch of fvwm is nearing a stable release,
 and has had a huge number of new features. The 2.5.8 release is
 deemed quite stable; there is a new 2.5.9 release.

 The maintainer has been very reluctant to package this branch, even
 in a people.debian.org repository, so I decided to package FVWM 2.5.8
 for myself; and I have decided to share this with others as well. The
 packages are lintian clean, and can be found in Experimental.

       There have been significant new features in the 2.5.X series,
 and just the GNOME 2 compatibility should be enough to require this
 in Sarge.

	Also, our packaging, even that of 2.5.6 on people.debian.org
 private repository for fvwm, is horribly ancient and outdated, and
 upstream is not happy at the "bit rot" in the debian versions. For
 example, shipping a systemwide fvwmrc masks the automatic
 configurator  that otherwise pops up for new users.

	These are quotes from the fvwm mailing lists.

> You are welcome to send patches that improve the deb package we
> provide.  However if you speak about hooks and other ancient things,
> I see them as a clear deterioration. This will not be applied. The
> configuration in your patch are so ancient (from 5-7 years ago?)
> that it makes no sence to start to fix it. It should be dropped. We
> already provide 2 sets of configurations for a user without any
> fvwm2rc. Maintaining more configurations that are also distribution
> specific is meaningless.

> fvwm is best to be run without any system wide fvwmrc, especially
> the one written 5-7 years ago. The users then gets a menu and a
> choice to setup 2 configurations we maintain. There is also the
> third choice, fvwm-themes.

	They have a point; there is a new mechanism in FVWM that
 generates a configuration file for a new user if none exists; and
 this config is better than the one we ship. Indeed, our packaging is
 outdated, and shadows neat new features in the fvwm install, making
 the experience for Debian users significantly worse.

> As an example I agree with Mikhael that there shouldn't be a system-wide
> default fvwm config: Dan's excellent work to bring up a configurator for
> new FVWM users shouldn't be hidden by years-old crusty configuration
> files.

	I have fixed this as well in the packaging. 

       These packages were configured as follows (I see no reason not
 to allow rplay and xrender compatibility in fvwm). As you can see
 below, I have included as many of the features as I could.

        The fvwm project also supplies .deb files, but there are no
 .dsc files, or debian diffs available, and there were numerous
 lintian warnings. I fixed a few errors, and brought the packaging in
 compliance with Debian policy.  I note that the packages provided do
 not integrate well into Debian's menu system, nor do they integrate
 with the alternatives system.

        I would be happy to co-maintain this package, or take it over
 if you prefer. Upstream seems to be willing to cooperate in bringing
 the official Debian packages up to speed (they are shipping a non
 policy compliant .deb themselves at this point; I think this is bad
 for our users. If this is not possible, I am going to create a
 fvwm2.5 package, and fork maintainence.

	I am uploading my packages to experimental, so people may test



        These packages were configured as follows (I see no reason not
 to allow rplay and xrender compatibility in fvwm). Even though
 gdk-imlib1-dev is in the build-depends, the configuration fails to
 configure it in; I'll look into this in the future. 

./configure --verbose --prefix=/usr --build i386-linux --host i386-linux \
                     --sysconfdir=/etc/X11/fvwm --libexecdir=/usr/lib \
                     --mandir=/usr/share/man --with-stroke-library

FVWM Configuration:

  Version:     2.5.8

  Executables: /usr/bin
  Man pages:   /usr/share/man
  Modules:     /usr/lib/fvwm/2.5.8
  Data files:  /usr/share/fvwm
  Perl lib:    /usr/share/fvwm/perllib
  Locale msg:  /usr/share/locale  ar de fr sv_SE

  With Asian bi-direct. text support? yes
  With Gettext Native Lang Support?   yes (libc)
  With GTK+ required for FvwmGtk?     yes
  With GDK image support in FvwmGtk?  no: Failed on gdk-imlib, see config.log
  With GNOME libs support in FvwmGtk? yes
  With PNG image support?             yes
  With ReadLine sup. in FvwmConsole?  yes
  With RPlay support in FvwmEvent?    yes
  With Shaped window support?         yes
  With Shared memory for XImage?      yes
  With Session Management support?    yes
  With Mouse strokes (gestures)?      yes
  With Xinerama multi-head support?   yes
  With Xft anti-alias font support?   yes (version 2)
  With XPM image support?             yes
  With Xrender image support?         yes

See INSTALL.fvwm for the description of what this may mean.


fvwm is a powerful window manager.  Version 2.5.8 is an unstable
release that includes improvements over unstable 2.5.7 and stable
2.4.17 versions.  You are welcome to upgrade and test the new
features or help stabilizing the code.  Please be aware that any
features introduced in the 2.5.x development versions may be
renamed, changed or removed without notice before 2.6.0.

This release is available at the home page: http://www.fvwm.org/.
We are 10 years old now as of July 2003!


* The Break command can be told the number of nested function
  levels to break out of.  Break now has a return code of -2

* New extended variable $[func.context].

* Directions can be abbreviated with -, _, [, ], <, >, v or ^ like
  in key or mouse bindings.

* fvwm now handles what Unicode calls "combining characters" (i.e.
  marks drawn on top of other characters).

* FvwmAnimate now supports dynamical commands "pause", "play",
  "push", "pop" and "reset" to manipulate the playing state.

New features:

* New commands WindowStyle and DestroyWindowStyle for individual
  (per window) styles.

* fvwm supports tear off menus.  See the "Tear Off Menus" section
  in the man page or press Backspace on any menu to try them out.

* New Style option MoveByProgramMethod.  Tries to autodetect
  whether application windows are moved honouring the ICCCM or not
  (default).  The method can be overridden manually if the
  detection does not work.

* New prefix command KeepRc.

* Renamed the Cond command to TestRc, and the On command to Test.
  Removed the CondCase command.  Use "KeepRc TestRc" instead.


* Added a nice autohide script to the FAQ.

Bug Fixes:

* The conditions !Current... and !Layer now work as expected.

See ChangeLog and NEWS (the 2.4.x section) files for all details.
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