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Re: run debian off usb flash drive

On Tue, 9 Mar 2004 12:34, Jim Gettys <Jim.Gettys@hp.com> wrote:
> Note that jffs2 does very nice wear leveling
> algorithms that are clear of those patents.

JFFS2 is a nice file system.  Unfortunately it doesn't have XATTR support yet, 
so it can't be used for the new SE Linux.

> Doing this on top of the IDE interface is possible (IIRC);
> David Woodhouse would know for sure.  Setting up the mount
> is a bit complicated, but doable.


It's a pity that they couldn't just make JFFS2 have an option to work like 
every other file system.  There are lots of cases where you want a JFFS2 file 
system on something other than a flash device.  For example when trying to 
recover files from a corrupted PDA, you can get the file system to a file on 
a desktop, but then can't do anything with it!

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