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Re: The political decision about non-free

On Monday 08 Mar 2004 19:22, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> The European Patent Office has accepted software patents for some time
> now.  Perhaps they would fail a court case, but, as somebody said, do
> you want us to be the test case?

What europe has is quite different to the american system. There are no 
software patents as such, but sufficently complex inventions (including the 
algorithms used for mp3 as a specific example) are patentable just like any 
other invention. It basically means its very hard to flood the system with 
trivial patents like amazon and such do in the US, but genuine inventions are 
still protected under patent law. The bar for what is considered an invention 
is much, much higher essentially, and it prevents the patenting of 'business 


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