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orphaning some of my packages

I am orphaning the following packages:


  This is a fairly low-maintenance package, though good communication
  with upstream via the mailing list and GNOME bugzilla are important.


  I don't use this package nearly as much as I used to, and would like
  someone who actively uses it to take it. Note that mini-dinstall is
  written entirely in Python.


  These two packages are used together to produce DVI or PDF from
  XSL-FO. The maintainer should be familiar with both TeX and XSL-FO.


  This is a driver program that converts DocBook XML to a variety of
  different output formats. This package is fairly low-maintenance: most
  of the bug reports just need to be reassigned to other packages in the
  tool chain.

Ideally, the person that adopts xmlto will adopt passivetex and xmltex,
or vice versa, since they are used together.

I have not yet filed wnpp bugs, but will do so with the packages that
haven't been adopted in a couple of days.


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