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Re: OT: Free Software and politics

   Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 08:58:50 -0500
   From: Marek Habersack <grendel@debian.org>

   > That probably why it is not obvious to you that doing Free
   > Software is a political stand. You argue that Free Software is
   > not about being polician (being politician) and that Software is
   > not in itself about politics, while I'm just saying that Free
   > Software is about politics.
   Put that way, everything is about politics. But I, as a person,

This issue is intresting to me and not only because I will give a
speech about "definition of Free Software" at my school. I will also
speak on topic "why software should be free".

   refuse to have anything to do with politics and politicians - in my
   humble personal opinion the code I write doesn't serve any

You can refuse but you can still be identified as member of political

I think that Free Software is ethical ideology and not political
movement. It does have very good technical facts also but that's not
the point. The point is freedom.

If there is big numbers of people who share the same actions about
something, then actions of them are to be considered as movement. So,
politics and policy comes without asking from you anything about your

Btw, I will give a link to my handout about Free Software so you can
show me where I go wrong.


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