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Re: run debian off usb flash drive

Oliver Kurth wrote:
> I have set up something like this on a small PowerPC box, with a 64MB
> flash card. I have put lots of stuff into ram disk (/tmp,
> /var/{log,lock,run}, /var/{lib,cache}/apt), using bind mounts. It is
> running for about half a year now, usually always on (so few reboots). I
> am still a little bit worried about /etc/mtab and /etc/network/ifstate
> (the latter can be put on ram disk as well).
> Of course, on reboot I loose all my log files. And I need to call
> apt-get update again, but that's not a problem.
> I have built a small Debian package for the ram disk setup, tell me if
> you are interested.

There's the flashybrid package (in unstable and testing) that can
automate this kind of thing, including saving your log files back to
flash on shutdown. I've used it for years, on flash systems ranging from
32 mb ro 256 mb in size.

see shy jo

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