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Re: Co-maintaining Kaffe

On Tue, 2 Mar 2004 21:47:59 -0500
David B Harris <dbharris@eelf.ddts.net> wrote:
> > Is there a technical problem to be worked out?  I only saw some
> > interpersonal issues.
> The interpersonal issue became a project issue with the mail sent to
> -devel.
> And I hate quoting little bits of paper, but in this case, section 6 of
> the constitution may be relevant; "The Technical Committe may: ... 3.
> Make a decision when asked to do so."
> That's in addition to deciding on any matter of technical policy. Maybe
> you want a seperate group of people bitching maintainers can go to when
> they can't get along?

This *is* actually a "project issue". If you want to reply to any of my
statements above, feel free to; but please respect the Reply-To. It's
set to debian-project@lists.debian.org.

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