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Re: udev uploaded to experimental

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> I think it needs to be a 2-stage system. /etc/rcS.d/S02mountkernfs
> would mount all top-level kernel filesystems (there's also
> non-toplevel, e.g. /where/ever/chroot1/proc) but not write /etc/mtab.
> Then, /etc/rcS.d/S35mountall.sh would make sure that those mounts
> get written to /etc/mtab and that the other non-toplevel kernel
> filesystems get mounted.

In this thread there was no explicit mention of the shm filesystem,
mounted at /dev/shm.  If possible I would like to see this mounted
early too.

Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> Now there are packages that want to look at /proc even before
> /etc/rcS.d/S35mountall.sh. So much, that /etc/rcS.d/S10checkroot
> makes sure it's mounted. And there are even packages that need
> procps even earlier, like  bootlogd and keysmaps. They mount /proc
> to peek in and then unmount it again: ugly.
> GOTO Masanori wrote:
>>	- glibc package loses devpts.sh/mountkernfs, and initscripts
>>	  gets it.  So we need to add Conflicts: initscripts (<<
>>	  oldversion) if we do without consideration.  I don't want to
>>	  add such Conflicts.  Fortunately, my update to
>>	  /etc/init.d/devpts.sh/mountkernfs is not still packaged to
>>	  the latest glibc sid package, so we only consider to devpts
>>	  (which is currently provided by glibc package).  Can you
>>	  provide good script which allows to coexist both devpts.sh
>>	  and your new script?

All these rcS.d scripts (including those listed below) mount-and-
unmount procfs:


Those that run after the new kernel filesystem mount script should
be updated to reflect the new way of doing things.

Thomas Hood <jdthood@yahoo.co.uk>

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