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Re: *UNAPPROVED* dpkg nmu

Scott, thanks for your timely, well-done, well-thought-out, and appropriate 
NMU.  You are a credit to Debian.  :-)

I can't help but point out that Adam's behavior here exemplifies, perhaps more 
than anyone else's ever has, exactly the sort of thing I've been complaining 
about over and over again -- someone who isn't doing "their" work but doesn't 
want to let anyone else do it either.  :-P

This is the primary problem with Debian at the moment!  It is why xemacs21 
still has a trivial-to-fix unsolved RC bug, to pick another random example 
which came up recently.

(To fend off the non-sequiter responses I expect to hear, I reiterate that I 
have absolutely no problem with people not doing work as long as they allow 
others to do it.  And my kudos go out to everyone who's orphaned their 
packages recently, encouraged NMUs, etc., as well as to the people who did 
the NMUs and QA uploads -- you know who you are.)

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