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Re: Bug#233610: modifies a conffile

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 12:43:00 -0500, Stephen Gran <steve@lobefin.net> said: 

> This bug log is a good beginning.  The config file
> /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf is apparently tracked at
> /var/lib/ucf/cache/\:etc\:clamav\:freshclam.conf, and although the
> versions don't differ, the user is still prompted.  It appears that
> a small change, like the addition of a few new defaults, is enough
> to prompt the change.

	If new defaults have been added, then indeed the file has been
 modified. ucf can not even begin to parse and understand the internal
 format of all the configuration files it is called upon to manage, so
 it does not know that the modifications are not significant.

	However, if the user has not modified the installed version of
 the file, they should not be prompted -- the file shall be replaced
 silently. I have tested this on the command line (and shall add a
 test suite to the package soon, to guard against regression).

> The postinst (in this version) only checks to see if there is a file
> /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf, and if there is, calls ucf to merge the
> changes.  If not, it just cp's the temp file into place.  It seems

	Sounds like the right thing to do.

> that this is not %100 reproducable, so I have not filed bugs or
> traced it down.  The fact that it happens at all, prompting joey to
> file an RC bug about prompting when he had never modified the config
> file, is all I have to pass on.  I saw the behavior a couple of
> times, also for no apparent reason, and then other times when I
> would have expected it, I don't see it.

	I don't understand what exactly is going on, and without
 additional data, it is hard to know where to begin.

> If I can isolate what causes the prompting, I will pass it on.
> Sadly I have not had the time to dig it out as yet.

	I would appreciate that.

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