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Re: Bug#233799: ITP: dvbackup -- backup tool using MiniDV camcorders


[Thu, 19 Feb 2004] John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> I've used this excellent set of utilities myself. Will be nice to have a
> Debian package.
> I couldn't tell immediately however what the license of the rsbep code
> is. Is it GPL? The optimized assembly stuff I think was written by Phil
> Karn.
> Just my recollection. I may very well be wrong...


 * Reed-Solomon coding and decoding
 * Phil Karn (karn@ka9q.ampr.org) September 1996
 * Separate CCSDS version create Dec 1998, merged into this version May 1999
 * This file is derived from my generic RS encoder/decoder, which is
 * in turn based on the program "new_rs_erasures.c" by Robert
 * Morelos-Zaragoza (robert@spectra.eng.hawaii.edu) and Hari Thirumoorthy
 * (harit@spectra.eng.hawaii.edu), Aug 1995
 * Copyright 1999 Phil Karn, KA9Q
 * May be used under the terms of the GNU public license

Karn put it and the Assembler implementation he derived from this
file under the GPL.


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