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Re: Bug#233799: ITP: dvbackup -- backup tool using MiniDV camcorders

>  This packages also contains rsbep, an implementation of a special version of
>  the Reed-Solomon FEC (forward error correction) algorithm. It also
>  spreads the bytes of the resulting blocks out to give some protection
>  against burst errors (e.g from tape-recordings). It should be used in a
>  pipe together with dvbackup (before dvbackup while encoding and after
>  it while decoding). rsbep should be sufficient to make the LP mode of
>  your camcorder usable. This mode, which puts about 50% more data
>  on the cardridge would otherwise be too error-prone. rsbep is the
>  fast implementation in i386 assembler, rsbepC uses pure C and is 
>  significantly slower (about ten times).

I've used this excellent set of utilities myself. Will be nice to have a
Debian package.

I couldn't tell immediately however what the license of the rsbep code
is. Is it GPL? The optimized assembly stuff I think was written by Phil

Just my recollection. I may very well be wrong...

-- John.

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