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build essential home (is this really right?)


Am I to understand that the package that lists the essential packages necessary for any
debian package to be installed is located at:


or equivalent mirror, as an entry in a tarred, gzipped file that needs 
uncompressing, inside the list essential-packages-list, and only available 
after one does the make on the the package to generate it, and after someone 
downloads a script language named 'hugs' to do preprocessing?

Why doesn't it exist as an entry inside of Sources.gz, ie: as

Package: perl
Build-Depends:	build-essentials, etc.

Package: build-essentials
Build-Depends:	base-files, base-passwd, bash, bsdutils, debianutils, diff, etc..

There has *got* to be a good reason for this. I just can't see it.


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