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Re: Why Linux, Why Debian

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 05:09:46PM -0600, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  1) Do you think that OpenBSD 's repuation as a secure OS is
>     justified?

Somewhat, but not entirely.

> Does the secure part of OpenBSD provide a useful platform for your
> needs?

Not really, one needs more software.

> Would SELinux meet or exceed the needs for a secure OS for you?

Exceed. Most of my machines are single-user machines anyway.

>  2) Is the userland in openBSD too inconvenient to work with?

It might be mostly because I'm used to the GNU one, but I think so. I
really like OpenBSD's default text editor, though.

>  3) Do you think that BSD kernels have better quality than Linux
>     kernels?

No opinion.

>  4) Do you think that network performance of the BSD's is better than
>     that of Linux, including that of the 2.6 kernels?  What about NFS
>     performance? 

No opinion.

>  5) Are upgrades easy for the BSD OS's?

No, they are not. Since 2.8 or 2.9, OpenBSD said at least two times to
i386 users "upgrade not supported / not recommended, do a fresh

>  6) Are security fixes available in a timely fashion for the BSD's?

I think so.

>     For Linux in general?


> For Debian?

There have been some fixes that have taken more time than reasonable
to come out, but generally it is very good.

>  7) are security patch mechanisms convenient for the BSD's?

Yes, they are.

>     For Linux in general? For Debian?

Yes, they are.

>  8) Is the hardware support for the BSD's as good that of Linux? Does
>     NetBSD support more architectures than Linux does? Which of these
>     architectures is important for you?

No opinion.

>  9) Does the gentoo configurability deliver significantly better
>     performance?

No opinion.

> Is the added step of compilation too much of an inconvenience?

In some cases. This additional step could be optional, and hops! the
best of both worlds.

>  10) Does the BSD ports system compare favorably to gentoo or sorceror
>      Linux?

Never tried Gentoo or Sorceror.

> are upgrades to individual packages easy, using
> ports/portage/emerge? 

Upgrades are not easy with OpenBSD ports.

>  11) Is it easy for you to discover new software when not using
>      Debian?

When using Debian, it is. On other machines, I simply ssh to a Debian
machine or use http://packages.debian.org/ and then install the same


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