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A4 vs Letter, in /etc.

I had a problem with mozilla printing to A4.  I was able to reconfigure
it, but there is now some cliping going on by another application(xprt?). 
So I searched /etc for A4.  I found that X11/app-defaults/XDvi and
X11/app-defaults/Ddd where set up for A4.  I changed this to Letter, but
now I have to mearge changes when I upgrade.  There where also some
programs set up for letter, I bet A4 users are not happy about that.

I stil did not find what was causing the Right side of my web documents to
get cliped, it's strange the the right justified text at the top(the url
name) is not effected.

Ie it lookes like this...
some text with gra
background get cut
and you can't read
That is part of th <webpage>

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