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Re: Why Linux, Why Debian

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 18:23, Philip Brown <phil@bolthole.com> wrote:
> > Solaris 2.6 has UFS as the only file system for disks.
> Gads.. that's a LONG time ago. Time to rerun the test :-)

Sure, if I had more free time and access to a Solaris 9 machine I would do so.

> Sun has made public claims that fully patched solaris 9 UFS+logging,
> is faster than ext2 for most things now, and about comparable to ext3.
> (if memory serves me correctly)

So XFS and ReiserFS will still tromp it in various areas then.

> But you really should run the tests on identical hardware.
>   "solaris+SCSI vs linux+IDE" isnt fair either, if it is
>   20mbit SCSI vs ATA-133

Testing recent hardware on both platforms is fair.

When I was comparing Solaris 2.6 and Linux 2.2 I used a laptop as my Linux 
machine for the comparison, and laptops aren't the fastest machines.

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