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Re: Failed to build Juman on PowerPC

>> On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 16:10:00 +1100
>> stevenk@debian.org (Steve Kowalik) said as follows:

>>     dh_gencontrol -pjuman 
>>     dh_md5sums -pjuman 
>>     make: *** [binary-makedeb-IMPL/juman] Illegal instruction
>Drop the -pjuman for dh_md5sums, it doesn't understand the -p option.

If your opinion is right, it will be failed to build Juman packages
for all architectures.  However, it succeeds for mips, alpha, s390,
hppa, arm, m68k and i386.

And more, the manual page of dh_md5sums says as follows:

       dh_md5sums [debhelper options] [-x] [-Xitem] [--include-conffiles]

The -pjuman option is allowed as one of generic debhelper options, I

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi

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