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Re: What about /usr/share/locale. Was: Re: Packaging _still_ wasteful for many large packages

On 18 Feb 2004, Paul Seelig wrote:

> Hi Mike!
> cheako911@yahoo.com (Mike Mestnik) writes:
> > On my sparc it's 80MB, that's a whole hard drive if you ask me and 80MB
> > hard drive!  Most of these files I will NOT EVER USE.  I was wondering if
> > I can just rm them or if there will be a debian pkg|debconf for cleaning
> > this up?
> >
> I developed the package localepurge for almost the same reason a few
> years ago and with further input by other users it has become quite
> useful. This should partly do the trick for you although there are
> still other space consuming unnecessary files (e.g. KDE and GNOME
> localized help files) left over which should be taken care of by
> someone. Here's the package description:

I'm not certain how the package works, but speaking as a dpkg maintainer, it'd
be better if instead of deleting files, they were truncated.  dpkg would have
less of a chance of becoming confused then(as has been reported in the past
with this package).

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