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Re: What about /usr/share/locale. Was: Re: Packaging _still_ wasteful for many large packages

Em Ter, 2004-02-17 às 18:28, Mike Mestnik escreveu:
> I was running the new filelight program and found something vary wrong
> with my local disk usage.  I wanted to post about it on a debian list, I
> guess this is the place.
> cheako@overrun:~$ du -sh /usr/share/locale/
> 103M	/usr/share/locale
> On my sparc it's 80MB, that's a whole hard drive if you ask me and 80MB
> hard drive!  Most of these files I will NOT EVER USE.  I was wondering if
> I can just rm them or if there will be a debian pkg|debconf for cleaning
> this up?

Have you tried localepurge? AFAIK, you *can* delete these files without
harming your system (that's what that package do), but the *ideal* is to
change Debian packaging structure to install only the needed locales,
but this would need changes in lots of things.

		Felipe Almeida Lessa.

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