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What about /usr/share/locale. Was: Re: Packaging _still_ wasteful for many large packages

I was running the new filelight program and found something vary wrong
with my local disk usage.  I wanted to post about it on a debian list, I
guess this is the place.

cheako@overrun:~$ du -sh /usr/share/locale/
103M	/usr/share/locale

On my sparc it's 80MB, that's a whole hard drive if you ask me and 80MB
hard drive!  Most of these files I will NOT EVER USE.  I was wondering if
I can just rm them or if there will be a debian pkg|debconf for cleaning
this up?

Space is tight on my spac (2GB) so this is a big deal.  Can I make a
pkg(s) that deals with this, not being a debian developer?

Also how did menu(the package) eventually deal with previously installed
programs not installing many items?  It seams that later adding another
*'locale package' would need the same fix.

* Coined the phrase.

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