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Re: DELAYED queue on gluck operative

* Jeroen van Wolffelaar 

| To the best of my knowledge, one essential feature of delayed upload is
| the ability to cancel such an upload. Such that a delayed upload is
| something like: "If you don't do anyting, that will happen, but if you
| _are_ about to fix it soon, and want it your way, you can cancel it."
| >From 4.8.1, dev reference: "That leaves the corresponding number of days
| for the maintainer to react and upload another fix themselves if they
| are not completely satisfied with the NMU. _Alternatively they can
| remove the NMU._"
| Of course you, Tollef Fog Heen, can cancel, but not anyone else.

The uploader can, I can.  (And root@gluck can.)

This is because the directories are owned by me (so that the script
run as me, from cron can move the files), but they are sticky, which
means the owner of the file can remove it.

This is consistent with how DELAYED worked before, FWIW.

If you want to invalidate an NMU: upload a newer version.

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