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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> In this particular case, the ntp authors removed its debconf use because
> they believed it was better if it required no configuration at all.
> Isn't that even better than being able to preconfigure it? What extra
> configuration of that package do you require?

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I fail to see how using a random NTP
server from the second end of the world can be better than using a server 
that's a hat throw from you, especially for such a time-dependant service
as NTP.
Having the ability to choose the server in an easy generic way is helluva 
better, even if that way is hidden as a low priority debconf question.  
Sure, you can edit the conf file by hand, but an interface that's common 
for a lot of packages, like the one provided by debconf, is a lot better.
What's the reason for axing working code for something that breaks the 
expected locality of ntp?


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