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Re: ITH: tftpd-hpa and tftpd servers default rootdirs

* Oliver M. Bolzer <oliver@gol.com> [2004-01-08 18:17]:
> Please go ahead and adopt the package with my blessings.
> Unforrtunately I havn't had the time to give the package the care it
> deserves. I'm currently trying to get my act together again
> regarding Debian and wish to keep my other packages.

You said that a month ago but so far new upload has happened; also, I
distinctly remember you saying a few months/years ago that you'd try
to get your act together, but in the end didn't.  So I do think it
might be time to at least give some packages away.  I'm sure it would
be easy to find a maintainer for tuxracer, for example.

(Also, while looking at your packages, I noticed that you have a
source package called "librexml-ruby" while the ruby-defaults
packages builds a binary package called "librexml-ruby".  Also, is
your librexml-ruby package building a librexml-ruby1.6 still needed,
since there is librexml-ruby1.8 in the archive?)
Martin Michlmayr

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