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Re: Why Linux, Why Debian

El día 12/02/2004 a 21:13 Manoj Srivastava escribio ...

> Hi,



> 	In order to start a dialogue, I have a few questions I would
>  like to solicit responses to the following (please do not hesitate to
>  add to the following; these are merely things I have thought off the
>  top of my head).

Besides the questions, which are an important source of information for sure,
I think you should focus on the things that makes Debian
special/unique/great, for instance: 
QA of packages before (and after) put on archives, thus developers work, care of
system as a whole not only as individual packages, such things doesn't exist on 
another Linux-kernel-based distros.
Package management system, both ebuilds and ports are basically scripts to
download upstream source code, predefined parameters for compiling,
installing and that's all. For BSD that's the way they work, constantly update 
and compiling from cvs or upstream, both for security fixes and for new versions.
I don't know exactly the distribution upgrade process of gentoo but it seems
painful and old style (as RPM based distros, but -recently- Mandrake), for
BSD is quite smooth as for Debian.

So, resuming What do you think about pointing out Debian benefits and why
they should run Debian with BSD kernels, since Debian not only runs with Linux ;)



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