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Re: Bug#232082: ITP: gopchop -- GOP-accurate cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video files

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 02:56:08PM -0800, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> Florent,
> I used the same terminology as the author uses in describing GOPchop.
> He means that you can get as precise as the GOP (group of pictures)
> boundaries as to where GOPchop can cut an MPEG2 file. That is, you can't
> just cut anywhere you want.
> I'm open to better or more correct ways to say this (concisely).
> Anyway, thanks for the criticism, I'll explain the term in the
> description as you suggest.

"Group of pictures" is still a technical term that only makes sense
to those familiar with MPEG video streams.

How about:

  GOPchop cuts and merges MPEG-2 system streams.  GOPchop uses
  a method to cut streams that does not require reeocoding (so
  it is fast), but cuts are limited to certain frames in the
  video, known as I-frames or group-of-picture boundaries.  These
  frames typically occur multiple times per second, so the method
  is adequate for many applications where a full-featured video
  editor is not needed.


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