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Re: Packages still using old-style debconf

* Christian Perrier 

| I begin to consider that package maintainers which didn't yet switch
| to po-debconf are either maintainers who don't really care about their
| packages, MIA maintainers or maintainers who don't really care about
| i18n.

Or they don't want to break their packages because of gettext having a
braindead design:

: tfheen@yiwaz ..gian/norwegian-2.0/debian > debconf-updatepo -v    
PO directory is po
Wrote ../wnorwegian.templates.in.h
Wrote ../inorwegian.templates.in.h
Wrote ../aspell-no.templates.h
Building the templates.pot...
xgettext: Non-ASCII string at ../wnorwegian.templates.in:5.
          Please specify the source encoding through --from-code.
Removing generated header (.h) files...done
WARNING: It seems that none of the files in POTFILES.in contain marked strings
: tfheen@yiwaz ..gian/norwegian-2.0/debian > cat wnorwegian.templates.in
Template: wnorwegian/whichvariant
Type: select
_Choices: nynorsk, bokmål
Default: bokmål
_Description: Which variant?
 As you might know, Norwegian has two different written forms bokmål and
 nynorsk.  Which one do you want to use?
: tfheen@yiwaz ..gian/norwegian-2.0/debian > 

I'm _not_ going to change my description and choices to ASCII; they
are Latin1 and can surely be recoded to UTF8 or something if that'll
help, but I'm not going to transcode them.

Of course, if I happen to be mistanken, I'd love to be corrected, and
as usual: patches accepted. :)

Tollef Fog Heen                                                        ,''`.
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