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Re: orphaning my packages: limewire and imapfilter

* mbc <mbc@debian.org> [2004-02-06 10:14]:
> I would like to orphan my packages, because I don't have time to work on 
> them right now, and I'm going on an extended vacation soon. If you would 
> like to take over as maintainer or as co-maintainer of this package, let 
> me know.
>  Package: limewire (3.4.5-2) [contrib]
>  Package: imapfilter (0.9.2-1)

Prospective adopters, please note that WNPP bugs exist for these:

Feb 06 lotus     [0.3K] Bug#231458: O : imapfilter - filter mail in your IMAP account
Feb 06 mbc       [0.3K] Bug#231457: O : limewire - a Java based gnutella servent
Feb 06 mbc       [0.3K] Bug#231462: O: imapfilter - filter mail in your IMAP account

Martin Michlmayr

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