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orphaning my packages: limewire and imapfilter

Hello there everyone.

I would like to orphan my packages, because I don't have time to work on them right now, and I'm going on an extended vacation soon. If you would like to take over as maintainer or as co-maintainer of this package, let me know.

They are:

 Package: limewire (3.4.5-2) [contrib]

   /a Java based gnutella servent/

Limewire is a servent for the gnutella network. It acts as both a client and a server. It is Java based, and very customizable. The gnutella network is a file sharing network for any type of file. Limewire features network searches for many types of metadata, automated requery for file hashes, and multiple simultaneous (swarm) download of files. Limewire also features super-nodes, which shield the average gnutella network client from most network traffic. For now, the Blackdown JVM is the recommended way to run Limewire. For instructions on installing Blackdown Java, see the Debian Java Faq in the java-common package.

 Package: imapfilter (0.9.2-1)

   /filter mail in your IMAP account/

Imapfilter is a client application that allows you to filter mail in your imap mail account. When used in conjunction with mutt, as your precommand, it allows you to have your mail sorted into imap folders.

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