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Re: qt-x11-free on mipsel?

Josh Metzler <joshdeb@metzlers.org> writes:

> On Wednesday 04 February 2004 05:42 pm, Joe Buck wrote:
> > Is there any particular reason why qt-x11-free version 3:3.2.3-2 has
> > not been submitted for build on mipsel?  The previous build worked
> > fine, and it's keeping a lot of stuff out of testing: qt-x11-free and
> > kdelibs are the top two entries in http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/toplist.html
> > .
> Not only are they the top two entries (79 packages wait for
> qt-x11-free and 49 for kdelibs), but kdelibs only waits for
> qt-x11-free and arts, and arts only waits for qt-x11-free, so it
> could all go in if qt-x11-free were built on mipsel.
> qt-x11-free is at the top of the Needs-Build list for mipsel, too, and has 
> been for a few days:
> http://buildd.debian.org/stats/?arch=mipsel&state=Needs-Build

It has been near the top. It looks like packages like "animals" where
given back yesterday and cut in front of qt-x11-free again (since they
are older and the same urgency). Then animals gets build first and
qt-x11-free has to wait some more. But is that all thats happening?

If you look at
you might come to the conclusions that:

1. mipsel needs another buildd

179 poackages needs-build compares to our slowest arch m68k. Having a
second buildd is a good thing for any arch just in case the first one
breaks. Mips/mipsel seem to be at the speed limit for where one buildd
is sufficient. Any short interruption (buildd or wanna-build problems
like we had lately) causes a lag that has to be diminished over weeks
instead of days as for other archs. Add a little grows to Debian and
the one buildd won't be enough.

2. mipsel needs another admin

One buildd building 150 packages means the admin isn't doing his
job. The buildd is building and building and the resulting debs or
failures are sitting there waiting for the admin to wake up.
When he does have a day free he spends all his time signing 150
packages that did build and skips failing the others or setting them
to dep-wait.

Managing all sid packages for multiple archs is just to much for one
person. I'm not saying Ryan (in this case) is not doing his job, I'm
saying any one person can't do his job. The only fault of Ryan would
be refusal of help from others.  Maybe someone who knows him could
talk him into sharing the burdon.

3. Something fishy is going on

qt-x11-free is right at the top of the build queue and ~40 packages
have been build in the last 24h. But no qt-x11-free. Could it be that
qt-x11-free is excluded from the mipsel buildd for some reason?


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