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Re: Library packages depending on data files

Moin Adrian!
Adrian Bunk schrieb am Wednesday, den 04. February 2004:

> > > Why?
> > > 
> > > E.g. the KDE maintainers did explicitely disallow installing multiple 
> > > so-versions of kdelibs at the same time.
> > 
> > Adrian, you should know better than most people here that this method sucks.
> The most important question is the effect on users, and for users I
> don't see why this method sucks.

So not beeing able to upgrade KDE because it would cause the removal of
a dozen of other important packages is just okay for you?

> The way testing works, if both libv0 and libv1 can go into testing,
> proga can enter testing years before progb.

Then fix testing scripts.

> Exactly this was observed with KDE and GNOME:
> KDE 2.2 in testing was horribly outdated, but it was consistent, and 
> when KDE 3 entered testing, a complete KDE 3 entered testing.
> OTOH, the transition from GNOME 1 to GNOME 2 happened step for step, and 
> I know several people who switched to unstable since the GNOME in 
> testing was unusable.

As said, fix the testing migration. You should not fix one bad thing
creating another bad one.


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