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Re: Browsers which do not know how to handle mailto

Andreas Tille:
>On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Milan P. Stanic wrote:
>> There is extension on mozilla-firebird site (or somewhere else, I
>> can't remember). Go to firebird menu
>> Tools->Options->Extensions->Get New Extensions [1]
>> and search for mozex
>It perfectly sucks if newbees would have to _search_ for features
>they are comfortably working under other systems.

It could be an option to ship mozex in the mozilla-firebird package, 
enabled by the default, if this is deemed to be an important feature 
(and I agree it is). mozex is a neat little hack, and I think it should 
be trivial to do this (I think it would amount to dump it in /usr/lib/
mozilla/chrome and update a file with installed extensions). 

But it is still an issue how to configure it to just work out of the 
box, it would require that mozex can get some standard setting from 
somewhere. I use KDE, and I've given it
kmail -s %s -c %c --body %b %a
for the mail composer, but as Andreas said, it is probably not an option 
for a newbie to add this by hand. 
Also, I can view source using 
emacsclient -n %t

They both work great. 

BTW, isn't this a problem with mozilla-browser too? If the user doesn't 
want to use Mozilla's mail composer, AFAIK you need mozex there too?

/me not on list, I saw the discussion in the weekly newsletter, and 
thought I'd chime in. 


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