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Re: Bug#230377: ITP: libencode-punycode-perl -- Punycode encoder/decoder

Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

Does Debian now have a complete infrastructure for using internationalized
domain names?  Or is there anything missing?

The primary design principle of IDNA (Internationalized Domain Names for
*Applications*) is that it is completely implemented in the
applications. Functions like gethostbyname/getaddrinfo continue to
expect ASCII strings, and it is the application's job to apply
Punycode/IDNA. Therefore, it is important that Punycode routines are
available in the relevant programming languages (C, Java, Python, Perl,

Debian has currently C and Python routines that implement IDNA; with
this package, Perl would support it as well.

Applications need to convert host names from the local encoding, so
primarily applications that commonly deal with host names should
support it: Web browsers, email readers, news readers, ...

Mozilla supports it since 1.5, Konqueror will support it with the
KDE 3.2, and so on. It might be appropriate to file wishlist bugs
for applications which don't support IDNA but should.


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