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Re: Autobuilders messed up dependencies of stable libpgperl


Martin Pitt wrote:
> We just received #229151 against libpgperl (perl frontend for
> postgresql), which says:
> 	libpgperl (version 7.2.1-2woody4) in stable/binary-sparc
> 	depends on wrong version of perl for this stable:
> 	perl (>= 5.6.1-8.6), libperl5.6 (>= 5.6.1-8.6)

Whenever something like this happens, the reason is most likely that
the build dependencies aren't specified properly.  The buildd tries to
change as little as possible in order to save build time.  If you
don't tell the system that it needs a particular library or version,
it won't be installed.

> According to the package page [1], its perl dependencies are
> completely messed up. The PTS [2] says that there is no such thing
> like perl 5.6.1-8 or -8.3, although -8.3 exists in the pool.
> But neither in the pool nor in the PTS exists -8.6, so how can it be
> that the respective autobuilders inserted wrong perl versions on all
> arches but s390? (we built it correctly on i386, so no autobuilder here).

It's a *cough* ... just accept that it exists on some buildd machines.
It should not be a problem for a package being built to a different
Debian or NMU revision as long as the upstream version is the same.

If this is indeed a problem, I'm pretty sure that there's a severe bug
in the build system of postgresql.

> In the source package the dependency is generated with dh_perl (it
> says ${perl:Depends}), so the only possibility I can think of is that
> there are unofficial perl packages on the autobuilders.


> What can we do about it? May we upload a new libpgperl package into
> stable-proposed-updates?

That would only work if you build 11 archivectures on your own.

Why does it depend on the exact version it was built with?

Please prepare a version that has clear build dependencies (to be
uploaded when an update is due).



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