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Re: Apt and rsync... I know...

Sorry for being late but don't read debian-devel regularly.

> Surely.  First, arrange for all of the packages in Debian to be compressed
> using gzip --rsyncable.  Then, find a server with gobs of disk, network, I/O
> and CPU resources, mirror the Debian archive, and run an anonymous rsync
> server.  Then, write an rsync method for apt, or use rproxy, or whatever.
Since about 2 years there's a solution for this except for one thing:
"gzip --rsyncable". And with autobuilder not even that should be a
problem (see: "http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpartialmirror";).

O. Wyss

See "http://wxguide.sourceforge.net/"; for ideas how to design your app.

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