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mkinitrd-cd can now also boot from USB sticks/harddisks - rename ?

Hi all,

[Please CC me in replies, I am currently not subscribed to -devel.]

I am currently uploading mkinitrd-cd 0.29, which now supports booting from USB CD-ROM/DVD drives, USB sticks and USB harddisks. This means that it is no longer only an all-in-once package for creating live, bootable CD-ROMs but now also for creating bootable USB sticks (although mkbootimg does not completely automate this in the same way as for El Torito boot images).

So the question is: should I rename the package to something like mkinitrd-live or something like that (mkinitrd is already taken :) ). Or would it be the best to just integrate it with mkinitrd to have a one-does-all package (I'm not sure of that) ? The description in the control file is already up-to-date.

This primarily concerns all current users of mkinitrd-cd: would a name change be a big hassle for you ?

with best regards,

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