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Re: Documentation of original source tarballs

> > > If we're going to be explicit about defining the handling of
> > > orig.tar.gz, and when native and non-native source packging should be
> > > used, we should also note that sometimes it is necessary to use a
> > > debian-native packaging, due to a defficiencies in dpkg-source, diff,
> > > and patch not being able to handle modified or new binary files.
> > 
> > see dpatch or dbs.
> Unless I'm mutch mistaken, both dpatch and dbs do not support modified
> or new binary files.

I can't speak about dbs, but dpatch certainly does. The problem is
dpkg-source which iirc, will fail if you have new or modified binary
(and you will still have that when using dpatch, unless you uuencode it
 or otherwise hide it from dpkg-source, in which case you might drop
 dpatch altogether, if this would be the only thing you wanted to use

As much as I remember dbs, that one is able to solve this problem: just
put the original tarball and the new/modified binaries inside the debian
.orig.tar.gz, and you're all set - dpkg-source will not scream about
modified binaries in diff.gz since there are none. diff.gz would only
contain debian/ which is all text.

(Correct me if I'm wrong, though)

Gergely Nagy

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