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[ANNOUNCE] cheetah uploaded to experimental (new packages)

Since others seem to be announcing packages, I figured I may as well add
my voice to the fray.  I've uploaded the python templating engine,
cheetah, to experimental.  It is a new python package and my first
attempt at using CDBS.  The dummy package python-cheetah depends upon
python2.3-cheetah.  With the exception of python-cheetah, these packages
are architecture dependent because of a C module for speeding up name
mapping in the templates.

This package closes a very old RFP (#135456, 634 days).  If the archive
maintainer OK's the packages, I would appreciate any bug reports and
suggestions on these packages.  One bug I will fix before these packages
make it to unstable will be to provide man pages for the executables
'cheetah' and 'cheetah-compile'.

For more information about cheetah, visit

Chad Walstrom <chewie@wookimus.net>           http://www.wookimus.net/
           assert(expired(knowledge)); /* core dump */

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