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Re: Not usefull kernel images take all first Debian sarge CD :(


Quoting AKL. Mantas Kriauciunas:
> week I'm downloading first 3 CD's at work and upgrading my work and home
> Linux system's. And I noticed, that there are fewer and fewer usefull
> packages in first Debian CD's :( My patience is running out with latest
> version of Official debian sarge CD's - now various kernel images uses
> about 480 MB in first Sarge CD and about 100 Mb in second CD. Because of
> this there are only 155 MB of other packages in first CD :(

Right, I noticed that yesterday evening as well. It has been a long time
since I last generated a few images myself...

This I just corrected that by adding the corresponding kernel images to
the tasks/exclude-sarge file. I only kept 2.4.24-1 and 2.6.0-1 (2.6.1
doesn't seem to be in testing yet).

Please understand that the process of selecting which packages goes on
which CD can't be 100% automatic thus humans have to show how things are
going and give appropriate overrides/hints to debian-cd.

Because of the kernel images CD image 1 had only 340 packages instead of
about 1000... BTW, I also suggest to use NORECOMMENDS=1 because
otherwise you get too many packages included just because of a
Recommends on a virtual package (this includes all the packages that
provide the given virtual package).

There's no need to file a bug against debian-cd, the shortcoming is well
known, but sending mails like the one you did does help when you notice
that an override would be welcome.

Manty, can you update debian-cd on gluck so that images are better ?

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