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Re: w3m -> standard, lynx -> optional

* Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> [2004-01-22 06:41]:
> Aha, I needed to press [Enter] before doing anything.  Just different
> *UI*.  Major change from lynx.  If package was compiled with lynx
> compatible key bindings as described in the Help screen, it looks like
> less of trouble for people like me but this is only compile time option.

 You can always change the keybindings of your w3m to be lynxlike by
copying /usr/share/doc/w3m/examples/keymap.lynx to ~/.w3m/keymap -- you
know, useful programs allow you to change your keybindings :)

> I can get help screen with with "H" but not with "F1".  That is OK.  

 Like said, you can map it. Which is especially needed if you use
w3m-img for the DISPLAY_IMAGE and STOP_IMAGE functions; it doesn't have
any default keybinding unfortunately.

 It is a long standing todo list item of mine to have a keymap.vim that
I want to share with others; I guess I will start with that efforts soon
now that this topic was raised again.

 So long!
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