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Bug#229715: apt: Add a "postinst command spool"

> And if I install packages with dpkg?

There would be two solutions: the spool could be disabled, and the
command used to store a command in the spool would execute it
immediately, or dpkg should also trigger the spool after installing a

As dpkg can install many packages in one invocation, the spool should be

> How is the spool any different from an actual postinst file?

When you install a plenty of font packages, each package will, in its
postinst, run one or many mkfontdir. When an Apache module is installed,
you will be prompted if you want the configuration files to be modified
and Apache reloaded for each module package. There is also ldconfig, and
so on...

With the spool, because these actions are needed only once, they are
triggered only once, when all files are present.

le Moine Fou
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