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Bug#229715: apt: Add a "postinst command spool"

> > Apt should include a manner to add some commands in a spool, and
> > those commands would be run only when all packages have been
> > unpacked.
> I know of no reason why such a scheme would require any specific
> support from apt.

The spool itself could be external to APT, but this spool has still to
be called automatically when all packages have been installed. And they
should be kept in an unconfigured state until the commands have been
exectued, as if they were part of the success of postinst.

To be very efficient, in fact, the spool should just provide a way to
APT to link commands to packages, for APT to leave in an unconfigured
state only the relevant packages, when some commands failed in the

le Moine Fou
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