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doc-get idea

la, 2004-01-24 kello 11:06, Mathieu Roy kirjoitti:
> Putting in main a package whose only purpose is to install proprietary
> software is making a joke of main.


It strikes me, however, that a generic tool for downloading and
installing and upgrading various kinds of documents (including RFCs)
might be useful. It would make it less necessary to include packages of
the documents in Debian, which might be a win regardless of whether the
packages are free or not. It is not clear that documents not related to
software packaged in Debian is best distributed as a .deb. On the other
hand, it's not clear it is a bad idea, either.

Something like:

        * doc-get http://developer.gnome.org/doc/API/2.0/gtk/index.html
        Get the whole document, using heuristics to do the mirroring.
        This requires no special work from the document producer or the
        downloader, when the heuristics work.
        * doc-get rfc 2822
        Get a "well known" package. Certain well known packages would be
        "built in" into doc-get (with a plugin mechanism, of course),
        making it possible to install them without having to find the
        URL. Besides the RFC collection, these might include, say, TLDP
        HOWTOs, Project Gutenberg books, or the Linux Gazette.
        * doc-get desc http://www.example.com/docs/foo.docdesc
        A generic plugin that downloads a "description" file and then
        downloads the files named in the description file. This would
        make it easy for people to make documents easy to download even
        if they are not up to writing a plugin.

In any case, doc-get would download the files and install them in a
suitable location and add them to an index page. Options would be
available for updating or removing documents.

This is surely not a new idea. Anybody think it would be a good idea? Or
is this too much duplication of apt-get/dpkg?


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