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Soliciting "I need these everywhere I go" package lists from Debian admins

Hi. :)

A few things. I've got an old laptop. Really quite aged these days. IBM
Thinkpad 380D (P150, 32MB memory, 2GB hard drive). For the past year or
so I've used it mainly as an interface to my workstation at home.
Everywhere I've used it on the road, I've either used it for really
mundane tasks (reading documentation, doing some light writing), or I've
had an ethernet drop available to me. Everywhere I go that I have a 'net
connection available, there's a workstation I can borrow.

I've also recently gotten a PDA. I don't use my laptop to do any
documentation/news/email reading any more. The only thing I use my
laptop for, when I'm away from home, is to access my workstation.

I've also gotten a CD burner recently (my old one died a year or two
ago). I'm going to replace my laptop with my PDA and one of those Live
CDs, like Knoppix.

A few people here might remember that I did the (probably) most
commonly-used set of netinst CDs for Potato. These days, the netinst
side of things seems to be quite taken care of. So I don't feel the need
to work on that. I just finished my last contract, though, so I'm
looking for something fun to do. I figure if I'm going to put together a
live-CD of applications and utilities I want everywhere, chances are my
package list will intersect with many other Debian developers. I'm
putting it on 185MB CD media for its small size.

Hence this mail - I'm soliciting package lists from other Debian admins
and developers/maintainers. What I'm looking for (given the small size
of the target media) is the list of packages you, as a Debian admin,
install on pretty much every machine you either use routinely or
administer routinely regardless of what the purpose of the box is. For
instance, I have Vim on my list. It's my editor of choice, I use it
pretty much everywhere I can.

Don't include Apache unless you really do install Apache on all your
machines, even ones that aren't web servers ;) Try to include
meta-packages where possible; for instance, I've got build-essential on
my list instead of libc6-dev, dpkg-dev, gcc, g++, etc., etc..

If you don't have one, but you administer a fair number of machines, I
encourage you to write one :) They're really quite handy, it's nice to
'apt-get install $(cat my-packagelist)' and have your basic environment
all set up.

Please Cc: dbharris-debian-packagelist@eelf.ddts.net with the list. If
there's enough response, maybe I'll put together a pop-con-like listing,
sort of a "Debian administrator's toolbox".

Thanks :)

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