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Re: clamav outdated / maintainer MIA

* Thomas Lamy (Thomas.Lamy@in-online.net) [040120 17:25]:
> I noticed that clamav-* is hopefully outdated and buggy. upstream's
> 0.65+CVS changes fixes at least 10 of the filed bugs against it (not
> including the wishlist "update to 0.65"), but Magnus Ekdahl seems to be
> MIA. To be honest, I don't think this version should make it into Sarge
> at this state.

clamav seems to be in a bad state, and something should be done.

I think it would be great if you'd care about this package, and help
fixing it. However, you should try to reach Magnus himself via mail
before trying to take over that package. It could be quite easily that
he is just under heavy load at the moment, and so would just need e.g.
a co-maintainer.

> What are the proper steps to
> - - get an updated package into sid
> - - become a dd (and eventually take over the package)

Well, it's not necessary to become a DD to take over the package. The
proper steps are (besides reading the information on
www.debian.org/devel, which is always a good thing to do) described in
the developers reference, see

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