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Re: stupid pointer alignment question (re: cernlib on m68k)

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> I don't think there's such a thing as automatic alignment to 4 byte
> boundaries on m68k, so the assumption would be unjustified:
>        -malign-int
>        -mno-align-int
>            Control whether GCC aligns "int", "long", "long long", "float",
>            "double", and "long double" variables on a 32-bit boundary
>            (-malign-int) or a 16-bit boundary (-mno-align-int).  Aligning
>            variables on 32-bit boundaries produces code that runs somewhat
>            faster on processors with 32-bit busses at the expense of more mem-
>            ory.

I added -malign-int to the list of Cernlib compile options for m68k and
now (as far as I've tested) it works correctly -- thank you!  Should now
be fully supported in the next version uploaded to Debian.

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